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Time Change - spring forward

To be honest, I have been looking forward to the time change for some 'time' now (sorry about the pun)! I get so excited to have daylight streaming into more hours of my day. Especially living here in Michigan, it signals that no matter the temperature out (currently 23 degrees) that spring IS coming! This also signals wedding season is right around the corner.

I'm a girl that loves all the seasons and wants to experience them to the fullest! Each of the seasons brings its own color palette. Spring seems especially beautiful to me after a long winter with all its color hues of muted grays, browns and whites. I look forward to the first break through of pinks, yellows, and greens! When designing my flowers for weddings, I often take inspiration from the same colors.

Maybe you are getting married soon and you find yourself just as excited about a new season's arrival but a little overwhelmed at all the things still left to plan. A word of encouragement for you... it will all get done and be beautiful to boot. Many of the things that you worry about and stress over never happen. So take heart and be encouraged that you will get to that 'to do' list and things will fall into place. As spring appears and brings fresh flowers so, too, you will have fresh energy to face all that planning a wedding brings.

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